O St.Peter Julian Eymard, behold your child in prayer, I have come to plead for a special favour through your powerful intercession, I acknowledge that through your gift of self to the Eucharistic Lord, you sought God’s will in all things by abandoning yourself to Him. O St.Peter Julian Eymard, I plead you to present my petition to our Lord in the Eucharist. O Dear Saint, I love you; I place my trust in you with child-like faith and through the gift of self, that your prayer for the healing grace of God is most powerful. I trust that your prayers for me will be answered. Hear and grant my special need…. (State your specific need) cure me from malignant cells in my body with the power of the precious body and blood of the Eucharistic Lord. Help me, O Dear Saint that I may also accept the will of God for me in my present suffering. Through the intercession of our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, and for the glory of God. Amen.