Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament

Kristu Jyoti Province - India


Parish St: Ägyd, Brückengasse 5, Wien 1060 – Austria.

Our parish St. Ägid – Gumpendorf in the Archdiocese of Vienna has been the only parish in Austria to be animated by the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament since 1945. From 1945 to 2019 it was under Südtirol-Austrian Province and Italian Province. Since August 2019 it is under the Indian Province.  St. Ägid – Gumpendorf is the largest parish in Deanery 6/7 of the Vienna Diocese. We see ourselves as part of all believers with Christ in the centre.


Officially the parish St. Ägyd comprises approx. 6000 souls. The attendance of church service and the regular active participation in church life is amounting only to approx. 3 % – 5 % of the registered Catholics. In the view of the past secularization of the society in Europe starting in the post war years, especially after the 1960ies, and the trend to urbanization, the importance of church attendance amounts almost nil for people living in the cities from a social point of view. In the rural environment the influence of the Catholic Church in social life can be seen as still important, in the cities however, this factor has been totally lost. An additional factor for the reduced attendance in church is represented by the fact that a lot of well-to-do families own a second residence in the country side where they go for the week-ends.


The Vienna mission community has its unique way of acting and functioning. The community officially from August 25th 2019 consists of three members. The community members are Frs. Metha sss, George sss and Nelson sss. Daily Eucharistic celebration, Prayer and Adoration highlights our charism of our Congregation.

Fr. Joel Nelson SSS

Parish Priest & Superior

Fr. Prabu Metha SSS

Asst. & Treasurer

Fr. George Antnony SSS

Community Member

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