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Eymardian Scholasticate

Eymardian Scholasticate Pune

Eymardian Scholasticate, is situated in the D.N.C. Campus, near the Christ the King Church, Sainikwadi, Pune 411 014.


The history of the Scholasticate dates back to 2009 June 1, when all the students of theology and Philosophy were shifted to Jnana-Deepa, Pune from St. Pius X Seminary-Mumbai. The piece of land together with the building known as “bharakholi-12 rooms” purchased from Jesuit fathers by then Provincial Fr. Erasto Fernandez SSS and his team made it possible to have the Scholasticate in their own land unlike in Mumbai where it was on rented-building. Thus, the dream of having our Scholasticate in the historical land of Pune and in the institute came true. The Scholasticate was officially blessed and inaugurated by then Provincial Fr. Erasto Fernandez SSS in the presence of Rev. Fr. Oscar Rosario SJ, the rector of Jesuit Community (DNC-De Nobili College) and Rev. Fr. Job Kozhdhadem, the president of JDV on 2nd of August 2009- the feast day of St. Peter Julian Eymard. The new community consisted of Fr. Gnanasekhar SSS as the superior and director of scholastics, Rev. Fr. Julian SSS as the community treasurer and Bros. Joel (3rd Year of Theology) Sesu (2nd Year of Theology), Bharathi, Devan, Dhanam, Metha, and Ramesh (1st Year of Theology) and Christopher (1st year of Philosophy).


When Fr. Gnanasekar SSS became the Provincial in November 2009, Rev. Fr. Erasto Fernandez SSS took over as the superior and director of scholastics and Fr. Julian SSS was transferred to Colaba. On the following academic year 2010-2011, due to the increase in the number of scholastics and lack of space in the bharakholi some of the scholastics were accommodated in the Jesuit building known as Dhobicot- Laundry. The necessary modifications in the building made it as a formation house with all the facilities. Due to constant increase in the number of scholastics the proposal for new Scholasticate building was made by then the provincial Fr. Gnanasekar SSS. So, the old structure was pulled down in the beginning of the academic year 2012-2013.  By this time Rev. Fr. Sebastian SSS took over as the superior and treasurer of the community and Rev. Fr. Erasto Fernandez SSS as the director of scholastics. The Scholasticate was then shifted to Dhobicot-Laundry. All the necessary arrangements were made to run the Scholasticate smoothly without any interruption. The permission to begin the project of New Scholasticate Building from Pune Municipal Corporation was delaying due to various factors. 


However, major shift was made in the beginning of the academic year 2013-2014 to Papal Seminary where two buildings adjacent to the Papal Seminary were given for the scholastics due to the increase of the number of the scholastics thus leading to lack of space and facilities in the Dhobicot-Laundry. This arrangement lasted only one year: 2013-2014. For the same reason of increase of students in the Papal Seminary, the fathers in the Seminary asked to find another place for the SSS Scholasticate. Thus, the Scholasticate was moved from there. It was back again to the Dhobicot-Laundry at the end of March 2014.


Realizing that the permission to begin the new building delayed and enormous difficulties in shifting the Scholasticate Jesuit fathers in consultation with SSS province came forward to pull down the DhobicotLaundry and put-up new structure in the same venue for the Scholasticate. Thus, today the Scholasticate runs in the Jesuit building with total number of 20 scholastics studying both Philosophy and Theology. It has given 22 priests (Frs. Joel, Sesu, Bharathi, Devan, Dhanam, Metha, Ramesh, Inigo, Jesu, Xavier, Rajesh, Martin, Stephen, Dennis, Ruban, Sebastian, Thambi, Vinay, Suresh, Praveen, Selvadhas and Antony) to the province from the land of Pune. 


Indeed, the joy of having new Scholasticate came true in 9th December 2014, when Rev. Fr. Jegaraj the Provincial along with his new team officially blessed the land and inaugurated the groundbreaking ceremony in the presence of Rev. Fr. Keith SJ the Rector of Jesuit Community and Rev. Fr. Vincent Crasta SJ the Registrar of JDV and campus fathers and sisters. Then Fr. Joseph SSS was the director of the scholastics.


The formation of the scholastics is the primary purpose of this formation house. They have taken the temporary vows to live as Blessed Sacrament religious and this house has to create all the opportunities to find meaning for their religious and ministry life. The main work of the scholastics is to study philosophy and theology and they devote most of their time for studies. They also avail themselves to go and help out in the neighboring parishes for the weekend ministry. 


The present Scholasticate Community consists of Rev. Fr. Michael SSS as the superior and the director of Scholastics and Fr Rajesh SSS as the Administrator. There are 17 scholastics in the community.


4th year Theologians: Bro. Dibin Vinodh, Bro. Elias Stephen Raj, and Bro. Sujit Ekka. 


3rd year Theologians: Bro. Infant Raj and Bro. Luie D’souza. 


2nd year Theologians: Bro.Raj Kumar Ekka, Bro.Solomon Rajan, Bro.Bharath Raja and Bro. Beskilin Sebastin. 


1st year Theologians: Bro. Merinas Joyson, Bro.Ajit Karketta and Bro.Lucas Sobhasundar.


Regents: Bro Anil Besra, Bro.Joseph Lugun, Bro.Dhiren Parichha, Bro.Anthony Deva Sahayam, and Bro.Anthony Pradeep Raj.


2nd year Philosophy: Bro. Nelson Paul and Bro. Suchikant Paik (Leo)


1st year Philosophy: Bro. Paulus Soren, Bro. Shashikant and Bro. Taytas Lakra.

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